Jackoboard awarded BBA Certificate for total system

TileBacker Limited has announced the award of a BBA (British Board of Agrement) Certificate for Jackoboard products and systems.

British-owned TileBacker Limited is the sole distributor of German manufactured Jackoboard products in the UK and Eire.

The Jackoboard BBA Certificate covers the full range of Jackoboard XPS (Extruded Polystyrene) cored products including construction boards, shower bases, and sealing systems — a rarity in this type of product. In addition, Jackoboard’s Certificate covers usage of the construction boards to achieve high thermal insulation values — again almost unique for this type of product.

The British Board of Agrement, based at the Building Research Establishment, is a non-profit distributing organisation which has developed rigorous inspection and certification services to provide reassurance to the construction industry that manufacturers’ products are ‘fit for purpose’. Only products that have passed a series of comprehensive assessments — including laboratory tests, on-site evaluations, quality management checks and production line inspection — are awarded an Agrement Certificate.

With XPS products a particular area of concern is that gases used in manufacture are legally compliant with environmental legislation related to ozone layer depletion. This is currently a major issue with recent tests showing that boards manufactured in China are being produced incorporating banned and toxic substances.

For architects, specifiers, building control, construction companies and government departments the BBA Certificate is a mark of quality, safety, reliability and ‘peace-of-mind’ and, crucially, that the product is all a manufacturer claims it to be.

Colin Higham, Managing Director of TileBacker said “We are delighted to be awarded a BBA Certificate after only three years activity in the UK marketplace. Jackoboard’s reputation for very high quality in both materials and processes is well-established throughout Europe and our BBA Certificate now confirms this position in the UK. The inclusion of thermal values in the Certificate opens up further exciting opportunities for Jackoboard in the insulation fields.”

For further information contact TileBacker Ltd on 01204 221089 or visit the Tilebacker website

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