Mapei has introduced a new grout shade to its range of Keracolor FF fine-grained cementitious grouts. New 103 Moon White joins the collection of water-repellent grouts, which features DropEffect® technology and very low VOC formulations. Keracolor FF can be used to install natural stone and engineered tiles in all settings, from interiors floor and walls to external swimming pools.

Designed for the installation of stone, porcelain, ceramic, glass tiles and mosaics – with joints up to 6mm – Keracolor FF grout combines a blend of cement, very fine-graded aggregates, special polymers, additives and pigments. Special hydrophobic DropEffect® additives give the grout its highly water-repellent properties, making it exceptionally durable and less prone to staining. Other features include good compressive and flexural strength, abrasion resistance and good resistance to freeze/thaw cycles. The grout’s smooth final surface also has low water absorption, low shrinkage and good acid resistance. Keracolor FF can also be mixed with Fugolastic – a special synthetic resin-based polymeric additive – for especially harsh environments, including facades, heavily trafficked floors and swimming pools.

After installation with Keracolor FF, floors are set to light foot traffic after approx. 24 hours and ready for full use after approx. 3 days. Swimming pools and tanks can be filled with water 7 days after grouting.

Keracolor FF is classified as CG2WA – with classification in compliance with EN 13888-1 – and Emicode ECI Plus by GEV.

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