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The results of the 2020 TTA Awards will be announced on 16 October. The exact format of the event is still being finalised – please keep an eye on the Awards website at for full information, as well as TTA Awards social media on Twitter and Facebook. We hope that as many people as possible will be able to participate in our Awards event on the 16th.

TTA apologises for the delay to the Awards this year, but this has been an inevitable result of the coronavirus pandemic. The changes to the nature of the event this year do not detract from the achievement of all our winners in all categories. Thanks go once again to everyone who took the trouble to put their entries together – it seems like a long time ago now! – around the end of 2019. But the wait is nearly over!

TTA would once again like to thank all Gold Sponsors of the 2020 Awards. They are: Banks & Lloyd, Jackoboard, Mapei, Norcros Adhesives, Palace Chemicals, PCS, Shackerley (Holdings) Group Ltd., Tilemaster Adhesives, Trimline Group, UltraTileFix and Verona.

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