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The Tile Association’s Master Tile Fixer certification scheme was introduced to support TTA’s vision to ‘raise tile and tiling standards and enhance installation expertise and craftsmanship’. The scheme will certify highly experienced and skilled independent tile fixers with the aim of promoting best practice and encouraging existing tiling professionals to strive for excellence.

TTA Master Tile Fixers stand out from the competition and benefit from:

  • A directory listing showing at the top of the search pages in TTA website directory
  • TTA Master Tile Fixer van sticker
  • TTA Master Tile Fixer logo on stationary and marketing materials
  • A press release produced and distributed by TTA upon enrolment
  • Social Media features by TTA upon enrolment
  • Access to free training

TTA’s Master Tile Fixer certification scheme is open to highly experienced and skilled Independent Tile Fixer members.

You can apply for TTA Master Tile Fixer certification if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are an existing TTA Independent Tile Fixer member
  • Your primary role is a tiler
  • You will need to successfully complete an online skills and knowledge test
  • You can supply 2 customer references from the past 12 months.

Following successful application, members will be reviewed annually and will need to complete a 3-yearly refresher course based around technical and training questions.

Membership rates for TTA Master Tile Fixers will remain at the Independent Tile Fixer rate for the first year, increasing thereafter.

Please forward enquiries to membership@tile.org.uk or visit >> https://forms.monday.com/forms/b1d11cad34cc1f9d9f99a3097ec0b70d?r=use1

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