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British Ceramic Tile is rolling out a new brand. Not just a logo tweak or colour palette change, the new brand is the result of a six month project to position British Ceramic Tile as the brand within the tile industry.

In an industry known for its lack of consumer brands, British Ceramic Tile has set out to challenge current perceptions and provide consumers with a credible, fashion-forward tile brand known and loved for its high quality British manufacturing heritage and style-led approach.

Obsessive, honest, determined and brave, this new brand will embed itself throughout all of the company’s communications as well as its people. Bold in its execution, the new brand will focus upon communicating the company’s British manufacturing expertise, commitment to innovation and ongoing creative collaborations.

A distinctive mark has been introduced to represent the different sides of the business and the high quality nature of its products and services. The hexagon shape will become a clear symbol of innovation and expertise, and will be applied to packaging and communications material.

British Ceramic Tile’s chief executive, Tony Taylor, says: “We’ve always been a marketing-focused business that listens and responds to our customers. This project has been no different with extensive market research and customer feedback providing us with the foundations on which to build.

“We know there is lack of brands within our industry but that there is a real demand for a company to own this space. We want to be the brand that guides consumers through their tile-buying journey, making the whole process enjoyable from start to finish – a responsive and collaborative partner to retailers and knowledgeable hub of expertise for consumers. If it’s about tiles, we’re your brand.

“One core theme from our research was our obsession to tiles and service. Our obsession with the quality of our tiles, our hunger for cutting-edge design and our commitment to putting customers first is synonymous with our brand. We look forward to seeing what customers think of our new brand strategy and how it can better support retail sales as we move into 2018.”

The new brand can be seen at www.britishceramictile.com

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