A ceramic mural showcasing the ‘Tube Line/Majolica’ style of hand painted ceramics was commissioned in 1989 for use in tilers H&R Johnson’s showroom.

Designed by Graham Hughes and produced by a team of 12 specialists, the large mural (14’ x 6’) depicts a colourful exotic tropical jungle and is very tactile.

The mural attracted much attention with an overseas customer offering a substantial sum of money for it, although it was not for sale.

In 2001 the mural was offered to Blythe Bridge High School due to its local industrial links and educational opportunities, however the scale of the mural made this unachievable and it was moved to the educational facility, The Kingston Centre in Stafford where it was enjoyed for many years.

In 2018 the Kingston Centre was decommissioned by Staffordshire County, and after much discussion Councillors and County Council Officers agreed that the mural could be moved. Investigations took place to identify specialists who could safely move the mural whilst preserving this significant piece of pottery heritage.

The organisers of the fund are trying to raise £20,000, any contributions are gratefully received. More information is available on the Crowdfunder website

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