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TTA’s Technical Inspection Service is one of the most important services offered by TTA to the market. Under the terms of the Service one of TTA’s highly experienced technical inspectors can visit a site to inspect any tiling installation where there are thought to be problems. The inspector will assess the job against relevant British and European Standards and provide a detailed written report of the inspection with their findings and a conclusion. This report can be used in court as evidence, should any dispute go to that level.

The Service provides excellent value for all users and is available to anyone who has concerns about tiling work. 

The latest market feedback shows that reports from the Technical Inspection Service are often key to solving problems that can be caused by bad workmanship or poor installation.

According to one user of the Service: “You recently supported me with a court claim document for my faulty patio and I promised to give you an update once I had been to court. I wanted to say ‘thank you most sincerely’ for your support. The report helped immensely, as did the advice you gave me in our discussions.”

In another case in the higher education sector, which was threatening to become a multi-million pound dispute, the customer contacted TTA to say: “We just wanted to provide an update that this matter has now settled. Thank you all for your support.”

Sometimes cases arise in which it turns out there is not a requirement for a full report, says Bob Howard MBE, TTA’s lead technical inspector, in which case TTA will provide appropriate guidance.

[“We] would like to thank Bob Howard for his support, guidance and sharing the vast knowledge he has,” says one user of the service, who is a TTA member. “This has allowed us to satisfy the customer without them having to spend more money on a report.”

“The vast majority of tiling jobs are completed without issue and to the customer’s complete satisfaction,” says Bob Howard. “This is especially true if a TTA member is contracted to do the work. However from time to time things can go wrong for any one of a variety of reasons. The Technical Inspection Service exists to provide support for the customer in these cases and to enhance the reputation for competence of the tiling sector as a whole.”

Pricing for the Technical Inspection Service is based on the size of the tiled area in question. Tiling projects up to 25sq m are priced at £895 + VAT. Medium-sized projects of 25 – 50sq m cost £1,180 + VAT, while larger projects up to 100sq m are priced at £1,560 + VAT. Contact TTA directly for technical inspection prices for projects larger than 100sq m. 

More information is available on a dedicated section of TTA’s website. TTA members who require use of the service are able to claim a 20% discount on the above prices. Anyone who requires to access the service should fill in a Technical Inspection booking form (also available on the site), and TTA staff will be in contact to confirm further details.

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