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Palace Chemicals has launched an Extra-Lite range of sustainable tile adhesives that deliver twice the surface coverage of previous comparable products.

Palace, a UK top independent manufacturer of tile adhesives, grouts, sealants, building chemicals, wood treatments and decorating sundries, formulated the pioneering product range as part of its ongoing environmental improvement programme.

Currently consisting of two versions, Fast-Set and Standard-Set, the Extra-Lite range offers product performance of equivalent coverage to other tile adhesives but using only half the weight.

Supplied in a smaller, 10kg sack, this not only reduces carbon footprint in terms of haulage, space and fuel economy, the new product contains up to 40% recycled raw materials, further reducing the depletion of natural resources.

The advancement is part of a wider environmental programme by Palace, which includes the recent introduction of one million containers made entirely from recycled plastic along with the removal of over 80,000 composite paper sacks from its waste system.

Steve Ball, Commercial Director for Liverpool-based Palace Chemicals, said: “As the UK continues to be more aware of the need for environmentally considerate products, the tiling industry has also stood up to be counted – not least, Palace Chemicals.

“All wrapped-up in a 10kg sack, with up to 40% of recycled material, the Extra-Lite range from Palace Chemicals offers a fantastic and versatile group of products that also tick all the green credential boxes for more sustainable building materials where less is more”.

He added that, as well as the obvious environmental benefits, the smaller-weight sacks also ensured better health and safety credentials for users.

The Extra-Lite range is an ultra-lightweight, thin and medium bed, flexible tile adhesive, cement-based powder. It is mixed with water to create a high-yield, easy to apply paste with 50% reduced weight loading per metre square applied.

Extra-Lite Standard Set has a three-hour working pot life, which is ready to grout the following day, while Fast-Set has a 60-minute working pot life, with grouting possible after just three hours.

The pioneering new products are the result of Palace’s ongoing ‘objectives for improvement programme’. Under the programme, which has operated as a BSI accredited ISO 14001 approved Environmental Management System since 2004, the firm has invested in numerous other sustainable technologies and processes.

Other advances include a closed loop dust extraction system, on-site emission reductions and a continual push to replace certain energy-intensive raw materials within its building and construction products with effective ‘waste’ by-products from other industrial processes.

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