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Dural’s new colour collection alert

Dural have worked hard alongside their coating specialist whilst taking recent fashions into consideration and produced the new Cosmopolitan collection. These finishes are bespoke and only available to purchase through Dural. The range offers a variety of golds and silvers, to copper and bronzes to suit every project.

Dural’s powder coating service gives a simple but effective opportunity to completely change the final design. It’s the small details that make a big difference. Dural are able to take a small sample from your project and powder coat products to complete a seamless look with your interior scheme. The company can apply the coating to any of its metal products – edging strips, corner pieces, movement joints and step nosings – the list goes on.

Alongside the Cosmopolitan collection, Dual are continuing with ever expanding special finishes and a vast choice within the RAL colour range. You are almost guaranteed to find a perfect match. A popular option is to match a grout colour to create a seamless finish. As trends and colour schemes are constantly evolving why not add personality and interest by creating a variety of different looks – from strong, contrasting coloured edging to beautifully matched and understated. It’s a fun way to introduce a whole new dimension to a project.

All of Dural’s powder coating finishes are extremely hard wearing and will last longer than the average life span of other popular finishes. A recent test on one of their powder coated floor cover strips showed little to no wear and tear even after the equivalent of 10 years footfall. The tests have been undertaken by Lucideon and Axalta Coating Systems.

Dural pledge to always go above and beyond to achieve the perfect finish and work closely with customers to provide the best service they can. The simple 2 step process – pick your profile and pick your colour requires minimal effort for the customer with maximum effect.

Powder coated movement joints

Samples and literature are available upon request. Call Dural for more information on 01924 360110.


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