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ARDEX are introducing X 7 R S1, a new improved version of their favourite X 7 R rapid-setting flexible tile adhesive.

Advances developed by ARDEX UK R&D specialists have allowed the company to further improve a trusted technology making it more suitable for the modern demands of tiling.

Superseding X 7 R, ARDEX X 7 R S1 provides a great upgrade for fixers at no extra cost rather than adding more products to the range.

ARDEX X 7 R S1 comes in grey and white (X 7 R S1 W) and the new formula has:

  • EX7RA flexibility and strength with fibre technology. This provides increased adhesion performance and enhanced performance on problematic substrates with limited movement.
  • EX7RA Improved consistency with a smooth formulation. Making it easier to mix and apply to help you tile faster as well as being easier on the arms!
  • EX7RA 50% pot life – now with now with 60 minutes in the bucket. This means there is more time to use the product in the bucket before it goes off. This allows for bigger, less frequent mixes, giving longer to spread the adhesive, saving on time and wastage.

X 7 R S1 is suitable for internal and external areas, without the need for any additional additives. It is classified as C2FES1 with new S1 deformability.

This is in addition to current properties including the ability to mix to a semi-pourable consistency for solid bed fixing large format floor tiles, and adjustable water content for the ability to produce a slump-free mix for wall tiles.

Alex Underwood, Head of Marketing at ARDEX, said: “If you’re already using ARDEX X 7 R, then it’s time to switch to X 7 R S1 today. If you love X 7 R, then you’ll love X 7 R S1 even more with its improved characteristics at no extra cost.

“If you visit your trade counter, you will already find X 7 R S1 available and ready to use. So why wait, get tiling with X 7 R S1 today.”

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