FILA has launched its best-selling FUGAPROOF grout protector in a new spray applicator. The remodelled VOC-free treatment provides quick, safe and effective protection, sanitising grout and preventing water and stain penetration.  It is suitable for all tile installations – including stone, porcelain and ceramics – and can be used with all types of cementitious grout.

Unlike traditional solvent-based aerosol treatments, FUGAPROOF’s spray pumps the protector directly onto the grout line, without atomizing particles and contaminating the air. The water-based, odourless treatment is safe to apply and does not alter tile or grout appearance. It can also be used over residual moisture, for a faster treatment.

After applying, absorption can be improved by rubbing the treatment into the grout. Residues are then removed after five minutes and tiled areas can be walked on/used after eight hours. As well as preventing water and stains from being absorbed, FUGAPROOF also promotes easy cleaning and dirt removal.

FILA FUGAPROOF is part of FILA’s award-winning Green Line and is GEV-EMICODE® – EC1Plus certified. It is available in a 500ml bottle, which offers coverage of up to 300 linear metres.  To find our more, visit, contact FILA UK on tel. 01584 877286 or email

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