High grab acrylic wall tile adhesive, ProGrip HG has been relaunched with an improved easy work formula. Available to purchase now, the new formulation is light to apply and a joy to work!

UltraTile ProGrip HG boasts an exceptional grip with no slip for use with today’s popular large format ceramic wall tiles. It may also be used to fix porcelain mosaics, glass and natural stone tiles. Its new super smooth formula allows for effortless application and ease of standardised coverage.

When using ProGrip HG there is no need to prime the wall first, as the adhesive is self-priming, which saves you time and money. The adhesive is suitable for application on to plaster, cement/sand render, brickwork/concrete, plasterboard and existing tile walls. It is ideal for use in intermittently wet conditions, including kitchens, bathrooms and domestic showers, due to an anti-fungal additive which prevents the build-up of mould.

UltraTile ProGrip HG is available in 15kg buckets; each will cover up to 6m² at a 3mm bed thickness. The product has an open time and adjustment time of 20 minutes and applications can be grouted after 24 hours.

Look out for the distinctively marked buckets of the new ProGrip HG which are available now.

For more information, call 01827 871871 or email Full product information, including datasheets, can be found by visiting

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