FILA has launched a new protective treatment for natural stone surfaces. FILAMARBLE AID is an odourless, solvent-free treatment that protects against the aggression of staining, blocking the damaging effects of acids, alkalines, stains and heat. It creates a natural-look polished barrier for stone, marble, limestone and travertine that won’t yellow, discolour or create an ‘acrylic’ look.

FILAMARBLE AID has a safe, water-based formulation, with a low VOC content.   It can be applied to new and existing surfaces, where it ‘buys time’ by giving protection for up to 24 hours. Unlike traditional treatments, which are UV-cured and removed by grinding, the new protector is applied onto a clean dry surface, in two coats, with a short-hair applicator.   It can then be easily removed, if necessary, with FILANOPAINT STAR and re-applied.

The new treatment is ideal for all bathroom and kitchen surfaces, and is certified safe for food preparation areas. As well as post installation application, it can also be applied ‘in-line’ as a factory finish, to give protection before fitting.

FILAMARBLE AID is a two-component treatment and it gives approximately 9.2sq m of coverage per 233 ml package. Specialist advice on application is available via FILA’s partner, Superior Stone.

To find out more, contact Fila UK on tel: 01584 877286, email or visit

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