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Fix-A-Floor is aiming to strengthen its UK market position, after launching a new addition to its range.

The product comprises an extra strength repair bonding adhesive suitable for tile, marble, porcelain, stone or wooden floors, including those with underfloor heating. It is designed for both DIY and trade users who need to repair areas of floor where tiles have become loose or developed hollow voids underneath.

Available through DIY retailers and online, Fix-A-Floor has stepped up its marketing activities this year, making a push for increased trade business, with a presence at The Tiling Show and also an Award win for Best Innovation at this year’s TTA Awards.

To further improve its versatility, Fix-A-Floor now comes with the option of a new precision kit, which is designed for use in narrow grout lines. This kit simply attaches to the standard bottle.

“This new version ensures that Fix-A-Floor is the best solution in virtually any situation,” explains Adrian Cox, Managing Director of Fix-A-Floor. “It can be used with underfloor heating, on virtually any substrate and now in installations which feature fashionable narrow grout lines.

“We find there are sometimes problems with underfloor heating, which are in no way the fault of the tiler, but are caused by thermal shock, when people turn up their underfloor heating too quickly, which can cause tiles to debond. This would normally result in a large and costly repair job, but for which Fix-A-Floor can provide a permanent solution at minimal cost.”

The product is proven, works well and has been tested with anhydrite screeds, large format tiles and even on creaky wooden flooring.

The key to the product’s effectiveness is its combination of a very powerful and flexible adhesive with elastomeric properties, combined with an extremely low viscosity prior to curing. This means that it will flow under a tile completely filling the void underneath it and ensuring an end to wobbly and loose tiles – which are obviously more prone to breaking, if not fixed down quickly.

Fix-A-Floor is supplied in a cartridge which can be used in a standard cartridge gun. The cartridge tip is bespoke for the purpose of filling drilled holes. It is optionally used with the new precision kit, as required. It also includes a special click-on cap which keeps any unused adhesive fresh in-between uses.

“This is a great opportunity for tile retailers and distributors,” says Adrian Cox. “People love to have their problems solved, and we are now aware of many examples of customers going into a retailer to buy Fix-A-Floor as a distress purchase. They have a good experience with the product and they later go back into the same retailer to make a much larger tile purchase. This is a great opportunity for retailers to build strong and lasting customer relationships!”

For more information visit: https://www.fixafloor.co.uk or Tel: 0121 270 8883

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