World renowned Manchester-based mosaic artist Mark Kennedy is no stranger to using Jackoboard® tile backer board as a base for his amazing artworks. In fact he has integrated Jackoboard® into a number of his past projects, including many installations in the city of Manchester, especially around Manchester City’s football ground.

So it came naturally to him to approach Jackoboard® for his latest exciting project – the Irish Nation. This is a trail of Irish iconography brought to life through a trail of mosaic artworks created and put on display by Mark. The original pieces are on public display in a series of cultural and leisure venues throughout Manchester in spring 2024 to coincide with the Manchester Irish Festival. It is also timely that this event coincides with St Patrick’s Day, 17th March.

Manchester is a city with a long-established Irish connection. There has been a sizeable Irish Community in Manchester for over 200 years. Today it is estimated that around 35% of the residents of Manchester have Irish ancestry.

The installations themselves are based on famous people from Irish history up to the present day, ranging from James Joyce and Seamus Heaney to the likes of Phil Lynott and Sinéad O’Connor. In all there are 17 different designs.

The event is supported by Irish Mancunian and Wild in Art.

“We are delighted to be able to support this very worthwhile project and really help make a difference,” says Michael Hailwood, Director, Building Systems & Construction Board. “Mark has told us that Jackoboard® provides the ideal backing for his work, so it’s great to be involved. I would urge everybody to try and visit the Irish Nation art installations over the coming weeks.”

More information is available here:

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