TTA is continuing to provide valuable support for its members through the many challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic and by Brexit. We are committed to assisting our members, not just by providing information regarding the latest regulations and where to get support – but also by lobbying the bodies that have influence over our industry.

We do this through Build UK, the CPA and other forums. Our work has been acknowledged by Build UK and others as an important part of the construction sector’s general effort to continue operating and emerge from lockdown safely.

TTA has also continued to update on the current materials supply difficulties. With the continued impact of COVID‐19 and a range of Brexit‐related issues, the supply chain is facing significant challenges, particularly when it comes to imported products and materials.

TTA is an active member of the CLC Product Availability Group, and the latest Construction Products Availability Statement can be found on the Construction Leadership Council website.

A further issue on which we are often asked to provide clarity relates to the new UKCA mark, which replaces the validity of the CE mark in the UK. TTA now has a Briefing Document on the new trade rules, which apply to those wanting to place foreign-made tiles for sale on the UK market.

The Briefing Document, which contains links to full Government information, can be downloaded from the Members’ Area of the TTA website.

If you’re a member and you might wish to recommend others to join, TTA is currently running a membership recruitment campaign. The headline offer is a very attractive ‘Recommend a Friend’ deal, which entitles the recommending member to £50 off the following year’s membership, as well as a £50 deduction on the new member’s first year of membership.

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