Pennyhill Park, a 5 star hotel and spa set in 23 acres in Surrey is owned by Exclusive Hotels. When the outdoor pool was refurbished, the architect who deals with all of the company’s hotels, Monia Allegretti of Archinterio turned to Kerakoll, as the brand’s products had been used many times at the hotel and were tried and trusted and Kerakoll’s GreenBuilding philosophy fits well with Exclusive’s eco-friendly approach to business.

The pool was first emptied and all existing tiling to the tank and surrounds stripped out. The walls were then repaired with Keralevel Eco LR which allows you to smooth and level the walls and floors of pool tanks for thicknesses up to 25mm. It has a long working time making it perfect for large surface areas such as a pool and is ready for tiling after a couple of hours.

Next, all of the light fittings and hydraulic parts that would come in contact with water were sealed with Nanosil Eco, a neutral, non-corrosive silane sealant with a reduced solvent content that comes ready to use.

Aquastop Nanoflex Eco, a water repellent membrane which uses nanotechnology to waterproof, was then applied to the tank walls and floor; all exterior and interior angles sealed with Aquastop 120 tape and Aquastop AR1, a reinforcing mesh laid over the top, before a second coat of Aquastop Nanoflex Eco was applied.

The most important criterion when choosing adhesives and grouts, especially for the pool tank, is resistance to chemicals in the pool water. For this reason, Kerakoll’s H40 Eco Tenaflex was specified. It is completely resistant to alkaline hydrolysis meaning that it will not fail even in constant contact with water, and as such is ideal for use within the shell of a swimming pool. It is also high grab but easily adjustable making the job of applying the mosaics easier.

Cementitious grouts can be attacked by the chemicals in the pool water, so the ivory version of Kerakoll’s Fugalite Bio range of grouts was specified for the thin mosaic tiles that were to cover the pool. These are a new generation of water-based reaction resin grouts. They are tough, waterproof and resistant to UV rays meaning that they will not fade over time even when exposed to sunlight in outdoor pools. They are also tested hypo-allergenic, making them more pleasant to work with than normal epoxy-resin grouts.

The project was completed on time and to budget with no complications to the satisfaction of the client.

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