This year marks the 35th anniversary for LTP’s Grimex deep cleaner. One of LTP’s top-five best selling products, the heavy duty “grime and stain remover” remains a firm favourite within the tiling trade, providing a solution for a myriad of issues, indoors and outdoors. 

Still featuring the original formulation, Grimex is designed for all types of natural and engineered stone and tile, from limestone and marble, to ceramic and porcelain. It can be used to remove residue before application of a sealer; to daily and deep clean surfaces and to renovate tiles in all environments, including historic settings. 

Used at different dilutions to tackle different issues, Grimex removes oil, grease, ingrained dirt, water-based paint and old layers of wax. Applications range from paths and patios, pool surrounds and cladding, to floors, countertops, wall tiles and hearths. For general cleaning, it is diluted with water 1:10 and applied with a mop or cloth; surfaces are then wiped with a clean, damp cloth. At this dilution, Grimex has a coverage rate of approximately 50m2 per litre. For more severe staining – and to strip surfaces during renovations and before resealing – it is used at a 1:3 dilution or neat, and surfaces are agitated before rinsing.

To find out more about Grimex and to request a free sample, please contact LTP on please call 01823 666213, email or visit

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