Mapei has introduced 12 new colours to its Ultracolor Plus range, as well a new range of epoxy grouts – Kerapoxy Easy Design – and a supporting Mapei Grout app, to aid specification and colour-matching.

The 12 new Ultracolor Plus shades reflect the latest ceramic colour trends and join existing colours within the range. Mapei’s flagship cementitious grout, Ultracolor Plus is a fast setting and drying flexible polymer modified grout designed for interior and exterior wall and floor tiles. High performance features include easy application, abrasion resistance, high colour stability and very low water absorption.  Anti-efflorescence, water-repellent DropEffect® and mould-resistant BioBlock® technology make the formulation especially suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and heavily trafficked commercial environments, from airports to leisure centres.

Mapei’s new Ultracolor Plus shades include 123 Ancient White, 127 Arctic Grey, 187 Linen, 176 Green-Grey, 125 Castle Grey, 163 Light Lilac, 168 Cerulean, 167 Avio, 169 Steel Blue, 177 Sage, 189 Spelt and 188 Biscuit to make up a total of 40 colours.

The second launch –  Kerapoxy Easy Design  – is a new range of epoxy grouts that combine improved performance features, workability, safety and design scope. The new formulation is very low VOC and non-absorbent, as well as highly resistant to chemicals, to the formation of micro-organisms and bacteriostatic. Kerapoxy Easy Design is suitable for residential and commercial settings, including swimming pools and wellbeing areas, and provides easy application, easy cleaning, a smooth finish and colour stability. It is offered in a range of 40 colours, including a neutral, translucent version; the latter enables an infinite array of colour combinations/light effects to be obtained on all types of surface, from 23 sparkling colours when used in combination with Mapeglitter, to a metallic effect with the new Mapecolor Metallic pearlescent powdered mica pigments available in Moonlight, Shining, Stardust, Sahara and Red Clay.  Kerapoxy Easy Design can be also be matched with Mapesil AC sealant.

To help designers and end clients choose the best match with tiles, Mapei has created the Mapei Grouts app, available for both Android and iOS.  Using an image of the specified tile, grout options can be simulated and the most suitable colour selected. The app also calculates the quantity of grout needed and identifies the most suitable formulation. 

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