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Mapei has received Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certification for a series of treatments from its UltraCare range. They include six tile and stone cleaning products and UltraCare Smooth Silicone. The certification reflects Mapei’s commitment to whole life cycle sustainability, from raw materials through to manufacturing and packaging, reducing the amount of CO₂ associated with the product. Each of these products are also part of Mapei UK’s Zero Line, with CO₂ emissions fully offset in their entire life cycle.

Used to document the effects a product has on the environment throughout its entire life cycle, EPDs are a fundamental tool within the construction sector; they enable the identification of low environmental impact products to meet project requirements and certification protocols for sustainable building. Mapei calculates the impacts its products have on the environment using the standardised LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) method. It now has more than 390 EPD certificates across all its  product ranges – spanning adhesives, admixtures, coatings, floor preparation products, grouts and surface care products.

EPD certified products from the UltraCare range include:

  • UltraCare Keranet – a concentrated ‘buffered’ acid cleaner that removes rust stains from porcelain and ceramic tiles, as well as limescale and efflorescence   
  • UltraCare Kerapoxy Cleaner – a ready-to-use solution for the removal of epoxy residue after grouting
  • UltraCare HD Cleaner – an intensive alkaline treatment for deep cleaning and restoration
  • UltraCare Acid Cleaner – a concentrated ‘buffered’ acid cleaner
  • UltraCare Multicleaner – a concentrated pH-neutral solution for everyday cleaning
  • UltraCare Grout Cleaner – a ready-to-use concentrated alkaline cleaner for cementitious and epoxy grouts
  • UltraCare Smooth Silicone – a smoothing product for finishing sealants

For more information, please contact info@mapei.co.uk or visit www.mapei.co.uk.

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