Mapei has introduced an eco-version of its best-selling pure acetic silicone sealant, Mapesil AC ECO. Manufactured using renewable energy and packed in recycled plastic cartridges, the solvent-free sealant provides all of the benefits of Mapesil AC technology – including exceptional strength and durability, resistance to mould and high elasticity – with a reduction in CO2 emissions of up to a quarter.

Mapesil AC ECO is designed to form elastic seals between construction materials in kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pools and other damp environments. It is impermeable to water and gases, resistant to high temperature, resistant to slightly acid and alkaline substances and has very low emissions of VOCs.

Certified for all uses in the building industry, Mapesil AC ECO can be used to seal glass, ceramic and anodised aluminium and joints subject to movements of up to 25%. When combined with Mapei Primer FD adhesion promoter, it can also be used on wood, concrete, plastic, rubber and painted surfaces. The new formulation is available in 12 colour options which coordinate with Mapei Coloured Grouts Collection.

Other complementary products include UltraCare Smooth Silicone which has recently joined Mapei UK’s Zero Line of low environmental impact products, with CO2 fully offset in the entire life cycle. A smoothing product for finishing sealants, UltraCare Smooth Silicone is specifically formulated to work with the BioBlock® in Mapesil silicone sealant and to protect and enhance its function, creating a pristine, residue-free finish with mould resistance properties.

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