New feature stats and controls from Schlüter-Systems

Schlüter®-DITRA-HEAT-TB underfloor and wall heating with unique thermal break for more efficient heating is the latest addition to the award-winning Schlüter®-DITRA-HEAT-E underfloor heating range.

The integration of a thermal break fleece on the underside of the uncoupling membrane pushes 80% of the heat to the surface for up to 70% faster response time on concrete compared to other electric underfloor heating systems.

In total there are three thermostats to choose from in the range, a selection between analogue and digital, yet the new ‘feature stat’ DITRA-HEAT-E-R3 showcases a larger 8.9cm, digital, full-colour touchscreen interface in white clear gloss finish for the more style-conscious client.


A new range of thermostat and control modules for Schlüter’s water-based (hydronic) system Schlüter®-BEKOTEC-THERM has also been introduced. Schlüter®-BEKOTEC-THERM is a low height, energy-efficient and quick-reacting modular underfloor heating assembly. This system can be used in new build and renovation projects, and it is a greener choice with economical, energy saving properties.

The new generation of room sensors and control modules for the system significantly increases the flexibility and convenience of regulating the temperature of a room. The core of the system, the base module, can be connected to a timer module for energy-saving temperature reduction. The connection modules for wired or wireless room sensors can be freely combined with the base module, which enables the flexible expansion of existing systems at any time.

Modern wireless and wired room sensors allow for individual room temperature control to suit requirements. The Schlüter®-BEKOTEC-THERM system can also be integrated with Building Management Systems (BMS).

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