Norcros Adhesives is launching a new 3-part system for fixing increasingly-popular 20mm external porcelain and stone tiles, called Norcros Rock-Tite Exterior Porcelain & Stone System.

The Rock-Tite system comprises a Primer, a Mortar and a Brush-In Grout. It is designed for use by landscapers and garden designers, as well as tile fixers, and capitalises on a key trend in the tiling market currently. This is where internal tiled space is being extended to terrace or patio areas outside a building, which is part of a long-term lifestyle trend to enhance living areas by making better use of external space.

Traditionally these external areas might be covered with concrete pavers, which can be ugly, or timber decking, which is currently going out of fashion and can look tired quite quickly.

The new generation of 20mm porcelain and stone tiles brings a number of advantages. The key benefit is that they allow a seamless transition from internal to external space, which is totally in accordance with the leading fashion trend of the moment.

Porcelain tiles are also moisture, rot and frost resistant, resistant to UV rays, are easier to clean and offer better slip resistance than timber decking.

The problem is that they are often installed by builders or landscapers, who may have limited experience or access to guidance about working with tiles.

The Norcros Adhesives system is therefore designed to be simple to use by anyone who wants to create a seamless transition from internal to external living space in and around the home.

It comprises firstly Norcros Rock-Tite Porcelain Primer, which is supplied in three 5kg bags, complete with a 15kg mixing bucket. It is a fibre-reinforced, polymer-modified, cement-based primer, designed to improve adhesion when used with porcelain and stone pavers.

Secondly there is high strength fibre-reinforced Norcros Rock-Tite Mortar, which is supplied in a 25kg bag and simply requires the addition of water.

Finally the system includes a ready-to-use Brush-In Grout, which comes in three 5kg bags supplied in a 15kg bucket. It is air-curing and matches other grouts from Norcros Adhesives. The grout colours available are Blanched Almond, Steel Grey and Tropical Ebony. 

“We are first to market with a system of this type,” says Richard Wallis, Managing Director of Norcros Adhesives. “So we expect Norcros Rock-Tite to be very popular with tile fixers who are doing this sort of work and also builders and landscapers, who may not be as familiar with the detailed requirements of laying tiles. We have therefore made this product as straightforward to use as we can – as easy as 1, 2, 3. It allows home designers to come up with a durable and effective solution for working with the new generation of 20mm porcelain and stone tiles, so that they can complete jobs which accord with current fashions and are entirely on trend.”

Like all products from Norcros Adhesives, the new system benefits from a lifetime guarantee.

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