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Martin Bentham, owner of Euxton Tile Supplies, Chorley, near Preston, has sold the business to Julian Palmer. Euxton Tile Supplies is one of the largest independent tile distributors in the northwest, established more than 50 years ago, with a warehouse, showroom and office in the village of Euxton. The company operates its own delivery fleet and offers a next day service throughout the northwest.
Reflecting on the very recent sale of the business, Martin says: “As in nature, all things have a beginning, a middle and an end and, as with this cycle, I felt that the natural time had come for me to relinquish control of the business.
“I’ve had a wonderful career, starting full time at the business on my 17th birthday and
in that time I’ve worked with some fantastic people, suppliers and valued customers
and great staff that are part of the team here at Euxton. I’ve watched with pride as the
company has developed over those years into the strong, well-respected entity which
now exists.
“I’ve now passed the business to Julian who shares my ethos on long term relationships
and providing quality products and service. In passing control it was a very important
item that all staff remain and futures are secure – which I’m delighted is the case.
“I would like to extend my thanks and good wishes for the future to all my colleagues
and friends both within the Euxton Tiles environment and to my dear colleagues within
the ABCD group. I look forward to hopefully catching up with people on a more social basis in future and look forward now to the next stage of my life. Thank you and very best regards.”

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