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Sian Astley is an interior designer, TV builder, project manager and renovation expert at Moregeous Design. Her business is based in Manchester in a renovated Victorian villa which combines a super-insulated new build with a sensitively restored existing home.

Norcros Adhesives became involved at Moregeous HQ back in 2018 when Sian attended a trade day at the Mandarin Stone showroom in Wilmslow. They discussed the 45sqm terrace at Moregous HQ and decided to work together.

Morgeous HQ has a long 9-metre garden-facing elevation, which is split into one 5-metre and one 2-metre bi-fold section, with a 2-metre section of decorative brickwork. This was designed so that when stepping out of the kitchen, you are straight on to the terrace, which then turns at the end to follow the unusually angled build. Sian was concerned about the effect of extreme weathering and temperatures. She wanted to reduce any risk of the 1200 x 300 porcelain tiles ‘lifting’ and ensure easy cleaning and anti-weathering for the external grout.

Sian Astley

It’s all very well and good having a gorgeous looking terrace, but the whole point is high initial outlay with the reward of longevity and low maintenance. It’s the products which hold the tiles firm and prevent any water ingress that are really important. If unsuitable, this can cause expansion and contraction during freezing temperatures, leading to movement of the tiles. I had never laid an area this large with external porcelain tiles – I was very nervous!” says Sian.

Norcros Prime Bond
• Pro 50 Levelling Compound
• One Part Flexible Adhesive in White
• 4 Into 1 Wall and Floor Tile Grout in Steel Grey

The tiler, Dave, treated the concrete filled terrace using Prime Bond, a multipurpose water-based synthetic SBR polymer that primed and sealed the concrete ready for levelling. Pro-50 levelling compound was then mixed, with the tiler noting it was easy to get a lovely flowing mix. Pro 50 is perfect for use externally, even with the low English winter temperatures, and has great strength due to the polymer strand reinforcements.

To lay the porcelain tiles, Norcros One Part Flexible Adhesive was used. This is a polymer modified adhesive mortar for use on walls and floors in both internal and external locations.

“It’s so important when you’ve spent a small fortune on tiles to ensure that they’re properly laid using good quality products. A reputable tiler can help you with this, however the Norcros Adhesives online technical help was also useful and is a great resource for homeowners and tradespeople alike,” says Sian.

Norcros 4 Into 1 Wall and Floor Tile Grout in Steel Grey complemented the grey timber planks and finished the job well. It is a fine textured, polymer modified, anti-bacterial grout for use in joints from 1mm to 12mm.

“We regularly clean the terrace a couple of times a year. We clean the grout lines easily and quickly, so they look as good as new. It’s a pale grey and there is no discolouration at all. It’s still perfect, despite me leaving pots and plants on the surface and guests at our Supper Clubs spilling drinks and food!” says Sian.

When Sian first decided to use porcelain plank tiles on the Moregeous terrace, it was a relatively new concept and lots of people actually advised her against them, recommending the use of decking instead.

“I can hand on heart say that it’s one of the best renovation decisions we’ve made and has been problem free, in no small part due to the performance of the Norcros products used. The tiles look beautiful, are easy to brush and clean, and add a contemporary vibe to our period home without jarring with the exterior” says Sian.

For further information visit: www.norcros-adhesives.com

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