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Norcros Adhesives is relaunching its successful 4 into 1 grout range with new improved formulations, new colours, packaging and marketing support. The Norcros 4 into 1 Grouts & Sealants range has established itself in recent years as one of the leading ranges on the market, known for technical excellence and ease of use, so the relaunch will be of considerable interest both to fixers and distributors.

The new products have been reformulated to be both efflorescence-resistant and water-repellant. Efflorescence is the movement of salts towards the surface of a porous material, generally the grout lines, where it can leave an unsightly deposit. In some tiling installations this can be a real problem which negatively affects the aesthetic appearance of a tiled surface.

The formulation also contains Norcros Stop Mould Antibacterial additives to protect against mould and discolouration, which can occur in areas which will be subject to moisture or high humidity. The grouts can be used either internally or externally and in permanently immersed locations such as swimming pools. They are suitable for use with all types of wall and floor tiles, including natural stone, especially where a narrow fine-textured joint is required. The new grouts have a high flexural strength, meaning they are suitable for use in areas where limited background movement or vibration can occur, such as in heated floors or where tiling has been applied to wooden flooring. They are also suitable for use in wider joint applications of up to 12mm.

The new range has been considerably expanded and now includes a total of 15 colours, reflecting current tile trends, in particular the escalating popularity of wood effect tiles. Norcros Adhesives has added four new colours to the 4 into 1 Grouts range. These are specifically designed to complement the new generation of modern tiles. The colours have been formulated so that they now match the existing successful Norcros Flexible Wide Joint grout range.

To assist specifiers and architects at the design stage, the colours of the new range can also now be quoted as RAL numbers. Autumn Chestnut, Forest Acorn, Tropical Ebony and Rustic Cedar are the new colours joining the range. The remaining colours which formed part of the previous range have all been reformulated, repackaged and mostly renamed. The new names are Arctic White, Oxford Stone, Golden Jasmine, Cornish Cream, Blanched Almond, Sandy Beach, Silver Grey, Steel Grey, Slate Grey, Midnight Coal and Coffee Bean.

“With this exciting new range, we have sought to address two key issues,” says Mandy Searle, technical services manager at Norcros Adhesives. “Firstly the issue of efflorescence, which can be an unsightly problem for fixers, for which we believe we have provided a solution by implementing a technical enhancement of the product. Secondly we have addressed the need to match our grouts to the latest fashion trends in the tiling market..”

The new 4 into 1 grouts are available in 5kg or 10kg bags and are covered by the usual Norcros lifetime guarantee.

They are also supported by a new A4 Colour Samples folder. This comes on a durable heavy duty folding card. It includes product and application guidance on all Norcros grouts and sealants, including the 4 into 1 range. It also features sample sticks which can be used to test against actual tiles, providing a real benefit for fixers who are looking to coordinate grout lines with their tiling selections.

More detail on the entire Norcros Adhesives product range, including the new grouts, is available on the company’s new website at www.nxadh.co.uk.

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