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Norcros Adhesives, the manufacturer of a wide range of preparation, fixing and finishing products for tiling and flooring installation, announces the launch of Norcros Adi Flex S2 Additive, a polymer liquid adhesive enhancer. 

This is a strategic addition to the Norcros Adhesives product range which can be added to an S1-classified cementitious adhesive to bring it up to the performance specifications of an S2 adhesive. S2 adhesives can be used where a deformability of greater than 5mm is required.

Norcros Adi Flex S2 Additive is used instead of water in the mix and gives the fixer or contractor the maximum flexibility in the choice of tile adhesive. In areas where the performance of an S2 adhesive is specified, an S1 adhesive is simply mixed with Norcros Adi Flex S2 Additive.

Adhesive mixed with Norcros Adi Flex S2 Additive is suitable for both internal and external applications and can be used on virtually all substrates. These include cement: sand renders and screeds, anhydrite screeds, heated floors, timber floors and tile backerboards. It is also suitable for use in wetrooms and areas of total immersion.

Norcros Adi Flex S2 Additive is supplied in a 6-litre bottle to be mixed with a 20kg bag of Norcros S1 adhesive.

“S2 tile adhesives provide the ultimate in deformability and flexibility,” says Richard Wallis, Managing Director of Norcros Adhesives. “We are launching this new product in response to market demand from contractors and specifiers for the highest performance. With Norcros Adi Flex S2 Additive this high performance level can be achieved from an S1 adhesive used in combination with the additive as required, reducing the need for multiple adhesive products on site. The product makes the range offer from Norcros Adhesives more complete and we are confident that it will prove popular with our customers.”

Norcros Adi Flex S2 Additive benefits from the Norcros Adhesives lifetime guarantee, which covers all the company’s adhesives and grouts.

For more information on Norcros Adhesives products, call 01782 524140 or visit www.norcros-adhesives.com

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