After more than 20 years with ARDEX and over 10 years with BAL, Peter Bell, Managing Director, is passing on the baton to his deputy, David Hackett.

Peter has enjoyed a stellar career with the ARDEX Group underpinned by his leadership of ARDEX and BAL, two highly successful, market-leading UK businesses. Testament to his commitment and legacy, Peter also holds a group steering position as an ARDEX Global Management Committee member as well as roles on various group boards, including India, Ireland, and the Middle East.  He will retain these roles until the end of 2023. 

As from 1st July 2023, David Hackett took on the position of UK Managing Director.

Born in Sydney Australia, David’s career with the ARDEX Group began after the acquisition of Australian Building Adhesives (ABA) along with its sister company Building Adhesives Ltd (BAL) in 2001.

Moving to Europe in 2007, David completed MBA studies in international business throughout several countries including Russia, United States, China, India, Romania, and Austria.

David’s career path took him to ARDEX Head Office in Germany where he took on Corporate Unit responsibility of Global Marketing for the ARDEX Group. Working on global brand strategy and the introduction of the ARDEX Academy concept around the world were highlights of this time.

In 2011, David’s next challenge saw him move to BAL in Stoke-on-Trent where he took on the role of Sales & Marketing Director. “Customer First”, innovation and product development are central to David’s business ethos and the success of Micromax2, WhiteStar Plus, RapidFlex One and Level Max are testimony to his efforts.

In 2016, David became General Manager at Building Adhesives, overseeing all functions in the Stoke business. Alongside his peers in the UK Leadership Team, David has successfully steered the BAL ship for the last six years. The alignment of the ARDEX and BAL Commercial Teams in 2021 has paved the way for a more potent market reach model, and further consolidates the UK management “One-Team” approach.

As commented by Peter Bell, “David’s promotion to UK Managing Director is a great example of how the ARDEX group opens development pathways for its key people.  It also demonstrates how we promote from within, and how we encourage people to take on international assignments to open up career progression opportunities”.

“As part of passing the baton to David, we expect our UK businesses to continue to thrive under his leadership. His commitment to our people, our customers and our strategic vision make him a great choice to lead our talented team into the future. I am confident that ARDEX & BAL will continue to succeed and achieve new milestones under his leadership.”

According to David, “ARDEX and BAL’s strategic focus areas are strongly aligned to our core values and include a focus on developing our people, accelerating our digital capabilities, the innovative & sustainable solutions we provide customers, and maintaining our customer-centric approach. This is about listening to our customers’ needs and improving the products & services we provide, based on their feedback.

David continues, “I am excited and honoured to be stepping into the role of Managing Director and look forward to building on Peter’s impressive legacy. ARDEX UK & BAL have a fantastic culture, a tremendous team, and an unparalleled enthusiasm for making a difference. We do this through outstanding products, expert advice and excellent customer service.”

David Hackett’s appointment as Managing Director represents a natural progression in his career. He brings a wealth of experience including tile retailing in Australia, Corporate marketing roles in Germany and manufacturing expertise in the UK along with Board member responsibilities with the UK Tile Association (TTA). Add to this his dedication to firm growth by delivering on the ARDEX and BAL commitment to its people, customers, and community.

Peter Bell will continue with his ARDEX Group responsibilities throughout the remainder of 2023.

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