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The key to a successful tiling job lies, not in the tiles themselves, but in what the tiles are fixed to. The latest launch from Norcros Adhesives provides a strong, stable background for all types of projects, especially installations in bathrooms and wetrooms.

Norcros Pro Ply Tile Backer Board meets the requirements of the latest British Standard, BS 5385 Part 1: 2018, which no longer recommends tiling direct on to plywood walls, but requires a bespoke tiling backer board to be used.

Norcros Pro Ply Tile Backer Board is a high performance, mineral based, water-resistant backer board, which is both mould-resistant and exceptionally strong. The product is manufactured using a process that produces very little in the way of CO2 emissions, unlike cement-particle and gypsum boards. The board is silica and asbestos–free and has a Class A1 non-combustibility fire rating making it ideal for use with underfloor heating and in build-ups for fire resistant systems and firewalls. As with all Norcros Adhesives products, Norcros Pro Ply is covered by a lifetime guarantee.

Norcros Pro Ply Tile Backer is suitable for use internally and externally on both walls and floors, is exceptionally strong and easy to use. It can be fixed using Norcros Rapid Porcelain or One Part Flexible adhesive or with mechanical fixings. The strength and rigidity of the board allows bathroom accessories to be fixed through the tiles into the backer board. It is also highly versatile, being suitable for overboarding new and existing timber floors, covering concrete floors, stud walls or masonry walls.

It is available in 6mm and 12mm sheets 1200mm x 800mm in size, with 6mm boards normally used on floors and 12mm boards on walls.

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