Repair and protect with FILA Salvaterrazza

New to the UK, Fila Salvaterrazza provides a complete repair and protection solution for spa and leisure surfaces – from swimming pool tanks and surrounds, to steam rooms and changing rooms.

Designed for stone, porcelain, ceramic and concrete, the solution consolidates surfaces without creating a film. It then prevents future water penetration, mould and efflorescence formation, and protects against frost and damp. Ready-to-use Salvaterrazza also provides high coverage, does not alter appearance and will not ‘yellow’ with age.

Salvaterrazza can be used to treat terracotta, quarry tiles, natural stone, porcelain, ceramic, concrete and composite surfaces. It also protects grout joints. The solution is brush-applied and penetrates fissures, forming a chemical bond and consolidating cracks up to 1mm in depth. Once applied, it allows the material to breathe, preventing any issues with rising damp. In addition to leisure environments, the treatment can also be used on damaged and weather-worn paths and patios.

Before application, all surfaces should be cleaned with a suitable deep cleaning treatment; Fila recommends FILAPS87 degreasing detergent or, for acid-resistant surfaces, FILA Deterdek; a fume-free buffered acid solution. Salvaterrazza should then be worked into the surface with a cloth, before any excess treatment is removed. Surfaces can then be walked on after 24 hours.

To find our more, please contact Fila UK on 01584 877286, email or visit

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