Schlüter®-Systems offers a comprehensive and well-engineered range of product solutions for the creation of waterproof, safe, comfortable and attractive tiled surfaces in a wide variety of settings.

Established in Germany in 1966, Schlüter-Systems is a family-owned business with a wealth of experience in meeting the aspirations of clients, consultants and contractors involved in the construction, conversion or renovation of both interior and exterior environments.

The company has already earned a reputation for style and reliability amongst architects, interior designers, contractors and other specifiers involved in commercial, retail, leisure, residential and other types of development. With reliability being a key benefit across the portfolio, many of the company’s 10,000 product lines find applications in the most challenging conditions, with bathrooms and wetrooms being areas of speciality.

Wherever the situation and whatever the substrate, Schlüter-Systems can provide an answer with underlayments like its innovative Schlüter®-KERDI-BOARD which is able to span varied or irregular surfaces, including masonry and timber; while there is a selection of matting and membranes developed to waterproof and safeguard tiles from movement and moisture ingress. Profiles can further protect edges or achieve trip-free transitions in level, while areas such as bathrooms, kitchens or living spaces can be optimised with a choice of underfloor heating systems.

Schlüter-Systems’ complete range can be explored on the company’s website and there are also technical advisory and site support teams operating from the UK headquarters in Coalville, Leicestershire.

The company has plans in place to grow its impressive turnover in the UK, strengthening its position as the premier supplier of tiling and waterproofing products, through superior service and quality. In the words of the founder, Werner Schlüter: “Our products cannot be sold, they must be understood.”

For further information, call 01530 813396 or visit

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