Taking place at London’s Business Design Centre, Surface Design Show (8-10 February) will again provide architects and designers with an exciting and inspirational range of surface designs and materials.

Speaking before the event opens, trend forecaster and curator of the Show’s Surface Spotlight Live feature, Sally Angharad enthused: “The design directions I have highlighted see new surfaces that blur the boundaries of material properties and celebrate original characteristics. With greater focus on offering multiple solutions in one, we see solid materials interact with light and mixed material designs that give the customer greater choice. It is particularly exciting to see biodegradable and recycled ingredients driving aesthetics, with a move towards unique colourways and textures. Once again the Show will set the scene for the next year in terms of design ideas.”

The trends that Sally has highlighted are Soft Lines, Pattern Inlays, Translucent Layers, Bio Magic and Dappled Colour.

Soft Lines – Gentle relief surfaces evoke a sense of calm featuring tonal shifts and subtle line work for a pared back aesthetic. 

Pattern Inlays – Patterns and motifs are introduced in intricate ways, taking inspiration from marquetry techniques, with modular shapes creating a design. 

Translucent Layers – Hard materials explore translucency to maximise on light and space using geometric shapes and interlocking structures. 

Bio Magic – Biodegradable ingredients continue to offer sustainable solutions with developments in colour dyeing and recycling processes bringing new alternatives to the table using food waste.

Dappled Colour – A rise in recycled materials sees more one-off design aesthetics emerge where repurposed materials define the colour palette, embracing dappled patterns and flecks of contrast instead of solid colour. 

Altogether, these trends underline Surface Design Show’s position as the go-to place for material innovation. 

You can register for the Show at: https://sds-2022.reg.buzz/website-button

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