FILA has introduced a new care kit for ceramic and porcelain tiles. The new kit includes three products, for easy cleaning after laying, stain protection of joints and ongoing maintenance. The kit promotes safe and effective maintenance, with the product trio contained in a sturdy, cardboard carry box – ideal for retailers and as a ‘leave behind’ care kit in new installations.

FILA’s new kit contains DETERDEK, FUGAPROOF and FILACLEANER. Designed for the post installation or the ‘builder’s clean’, DETERDEK is a safe, concentrated acid cleaner that removes grout and polymer residues. It has a buffered acid solution, so doesn’t release fumes or erode joints and metal profiles like traditional muriatic acid. Following removal of residues and rinsing, FUGAPROOF is then applied to grout joints to protect against stains. The water-based treatment, from FILA’s Green Line, is odourless, quick-drying and it doesn’t affect grout colour. As well as safe-guarding the tiles’ aesthetic, it also makes ongoing maintenance easier and has GEV and ECIPLUS environmental certification.

The third kit product, FILACLEANER, is also from FILA’s Green Line. The concentrated, pH-neutral detergent is suitable for manual cleaning and for use with scrubber-dryer machines. For daily maintenance, it has a high coverage of 1,500m2 per litre, at a dilution of 1:200; no rinsing is necessary and FILACLEANER leaves no residue at this dilution. It can also be used at a lower dilution for deep cleaning of all surfaces, including delicate materials.

To find out more, please contact FILA UK on tel. 01584 877286, email and visit


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