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The Jackon Group, one of Europe’s leading construction products companies, has announced the formation of Jackon UK Ltd.

Five years ago, TileBacker Limited was established to distribute Jackon’s JACKOBOARD range of insulated Tilebacker boards and wetroom systems throughout the UK and Eire. This brand is now firmly established with a substantial share of the market due to its comprehensive range, market leading quality and competitive pricing structure.

Jackon now intends to repeat this success with its other product ranges of XPS (extruded polystyrene) and EPS (expanded polystyrene) insulation products and have chosen the TileBacker team to facilitate this initiative. As from 1st November TileBacker Ltd will change its name to Jackon UK Ltd in recognition of the broader range of products and systems that they are now able to distribute.

The Jackon Group, a family-owned business founded in Norway in 1956, now employs over 800 people at state-of-the-art production facilities in six countries and eighteen locations throughout Europe, including Norway, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium and Finland.

The Jackon range of XPS and EPS products covers a wide range of insulation applications including tilebacker boards and wetroom systems, inverted roofs (covered with gravel, green roofs or for vehicle access), building foundation systems (under slab and retaining wall), wall systems (ICF) and drainage systems. Jackon is also supplying customized products to a number of industries.

Colin Higham, managing director of Jackon UK Ltd says: “The investment in and creation of Jackon UK Ltd is a tribute to the great success achieved by TileBacker Ltd with Jackoboard, which in just a few short years has taken us to a major position in the marketplace. We are extremely excited by the prospects for further growth of Jackon in the UK, and look forward to working closely with building design, specification, industrial and distribution organisations to provide the product solutions they require.

“The shareholders and management are thrilled to announce this important step for Jackon into the UK market. We have cooperated very successfully with TileBacker and Colin Higham for a number of years, and we are confident that together we will develop a strong entity to supply and support current and new customers,” says Stein Trygsland, CEO Jackon Group.

Further information from Jackon UK Ltd Tel: 01204 221089 www.jackon-insulation.co.uk email: info@tile-backer.co.uk

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