Tilemaster Adhesives has extended its range of professional flooring products, with the introduction of a new universal high-temperature flooring adhesive. Tilemaster Eco-3000 is suitable for installing LVT, PVC, vinyl and rubber flooring as well as carpet, textiles and uncoupling membranes on to a wide variety of substrates. The new adhesive has been formulated to be solvent-free with very low VOC emissions, having achieved the rating of EMICODE EC1 Plus, and has been specially developed to provide excellent adhesion properties curing to a hard set with a high bond strength.  

Tilemaster Eco-3000 is ideal for use over underfloor heating systems and in conservatories, as well as other buildings with large expanses of glass where direct sunlight may heat the floor. Tilemaster Eco-3000 has also been formulated with the installer in mind, with a fast tacking-off time.  Flooring can be installed after as little as 10 minutes, when the adhesive is semi-tacked off and has reached its ‘anti-slide’ state. Full tacking off takes 40 minutes and the floor is ready for light foot traffic after 12 hours.

More information about Tilemaster Eco-3000 and the rest of the Tilemaster range of professional flooring products is available at

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