Data protection regulations are due for their first major upgrade this year since the 1998 Data Protection Act came into law. This follows a change in the requirements which was implemented in 2016. Most companies will need to update their procedures to make sure that they comply by May of this year.

The original Act came into law in an era before the internet became the enormous part of our lives and our everyday business activities that it is today. It is not surprising therefore that the original regulations are no longer considered fit for purpose.

The TTA is taking a lead on ensuring that member companies and individuals are equipped to make any necessary changes to the way they collect, handle and store customer and employee data. Individuals must now pro-actively state their agreement for their data to be held and used in particular ways, and it has to be made easy for individuals to withdraw that consent if they so choose.

The TTA will be updating members over the next few months via the member’s area on the website, email communications and the quarterly newsletter.

More information is also available on the Information Commissioner’s Office.

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