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TTA has obtained clarification for the benefit of its members on the latest EU rules regarding anti-dumping measures taken against tile imports from Turkey and India.

There had been concern expressed by some members that ‘AD684 – Anti-dumping proceeding concerning imports of ceramic tiles originating in India and Türkiye’, issued by the European Commission on 28th October, might also be applicable to the UK market.

Following an investigation, which was initiated by a complaint received by the European Ceramic Tile Manufacturers’ Federation (CET), the Commission decided to take action. This was due to a reported 48% increase in penetration of Turkish tiles into the European market between 2017 and 2020, and a tripling of the Indian presence during the same period – accompanied by significant price decreases, which resulted in the imported tiles being sold at prices lower than those produced within the EU.

The European Commission established that this was having a negative effect on the profitability of the entire EU tile manufacturing sector, which has been unable to raise its prices to a level at which it can be profitable.

In order to restore fair trade conditions, duties are therefore being implemented at differing rates, depending on which country and which company is involved, but amounting to 48% in some cases.

Following a query from TTA, the Trade Remedies Authority (TRA) has now responded as follows: “As of 1 January 2021, the UK is no longer a member of the EU Customs Union and any EU trade defence measures put in place after this date are not applicable to the UK. As the EU measure you’ve raised concluded after January 2021, it does not apply to the UK. If the relevant UK industry felt an equivalent measure should be in place, they would need to apply to the TRA for a new investigation. I can confirm that, currently, we have not initiated any equivalent investigation but that does not preclude an application being brought in the future.”

This means that despite the EU ruling, UK importers will remain able to bring tiles from Turkey or India into the UK market without any restriction or requirement to pay tariffs.

In September the TRA also instigated a review (TD0027) into the current measures taken against dumping of ceramic tiles from China on the UK market. The current tariffs, ranging from 14% to 70% have been in place for more than a decade, and TRA is reviewing whether they are still appropriate to the needs of the UK market post-Brexit.  A comprehensive member survey established that TTA members are split in their views on this topic. TTA Board therefore felt it would be inappropriate for TTA, which represents the whole industry, to come down on one side or the other. The directors resolved to await the result of the review and to provide support and relevant information for members, once the TRA’s determination is made.

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