TTA has announced the opportunity of a three-month ‘payment holiday’ on membership subscription direct debits.

The Association is committed to supporting its members during the coronavirus crisis. It is working in partnership with other industry organisations to ensure that our sector gets the support it needs at this time. It has also set up a Coronavirus Resource Centre on its website, where members can access all the latest information and guidance on business support during the crisis.

The offer of a payment holiday means that members who pay by direct debit will now not have to make any payments to their account until July, improving their cashflow during the coming three months.  

Members will have the opportunity to register for this offer. The normal April direct debit collection is being delayed to the end of the month to give those who are interested time to get in touch, ideally by Friday 24th April. 

The sums due on the April, May and June direct debits will be added to the July direct debit for collection or spread across the remainder of the year.  

Members are advised that they do not need to cancel or amend their direct debits, as TTA will manage the collections for them. They should also be aware that this arrangement only applies to direct debit payments that are due during April – June, not any other period.

“TTA is committed to supporting its members in whatever way it can during the current crisis,” says Paul Luff, chairman. “We are doing this by working with our partners in the industry to get the best possible support from Government, by providing information on how to access that support and now by helping lighten the financial burden being endured by our members.”

The TTA team are on hand to support all members and any member who is struggling to pay, even if they do not currently pay by direct debit, is welcome to get in contact by emailing membership@tile.org.uk or phoning 0300 365 8453. 

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