As a continuation of the specialist floor tiling services provided to the Buttermarket Shopping Centre in Ipswich, Weise Tiling were invited to investigate and resolve an issue related to the porcelain tile flooring on behalf of D.T.Z. A circular expansion joint needed to be installed into the existing porcelain tile mall floor and subfloor.

Prior to commencement of the project thorough site investigation was required due to movement in the original floor construction creating safety problems to the public floor tiling area. The 6637mm radius of the expansion joint required careful removal of the original floor tiles and the subfloor and full reinstatement of the finishes.

The contract was completed in two phases, a trial section of flooring was replaced incorporating the new expansion joint to confirm that the new design was feasible and effective. The initial phase was successful and the remainder of the curved expansion joint was installed.

This project was completed in its entirety outside the normal trading day for the shopping centre.

A very carefully prepared risk assessment and method statement was required including a process of preparation/screening, minimal dust working practices and thorough cleaning of the whole area prior to reopening every day. A close and open working relationship was required and achieved from the whole team including all the shopping centre personnel. The project was completed on time and to budget with minimal disruption to the normal operation of the shopping centre.

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