BEWI’s leading brands JACKOBOARD® , THERMOMUR® and JACKODUR® Atlas are providing modern tile backerboard and construction systems, managed from BEWI’s Wigan office. Here the company has its training facility and all sales and head office functions. The backing of the BEWI Group since 2022 opens up a range of exciting opportunities for the future, now that the business is part of a large international provider of packaging, components, and insulation solutions, which is already the UK’s largest producer of EPS products for the construction industry.

The three brands have a strong commitment to sustainability which is integrated throughout the value chain, from the production of raw materials and end goods to the recycling of used products, as BEWI works towards a circular economy.

Future development, tasked with ensuring growth for all the brands, is headed up by Michael Hailwood, Director, Construction UK & Ireland, Building Systems & Construction Board.

His technical salesforce on the Building Systems side comprises Glenn Kiely, Richard Douglas and Miguel Jaen. On the JACKOBOARD® side is Mike McCann, Martin Harragan, Ethan Harragan and Scott Hatton.

Heading up the marketing function at the head office is Jess Marsden-Banks.

“We have a great team here at Wigan,” says Michael Hailwood, “who bring a wealth of experience to their respective product areas. With the focus on sustainability, value for money and ease of use, which are key features of our products, combined with the enthusiasm and expertise of our whole team, I am very confident that we will continue to see impressive growth coming out of Wigan for all aspects of the business. I would like to thank all staff for their support as we embark on an exciting new chapter in BEWI’s growth.”

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