Billy has been on TTA’s Technical Committee since March 2009, where his work has included involvement in many of TTA’s technical documents, and he is also a member of TTA’s Technical Inspection team. He joined TTA board in 2012. Billy was also involved with the National Master Tile Fixers Association (NMTFA), one of two organisations which merged in 1999 to form The Tile Association. He still keeps with pride his NMTFA membership card – No. 001, as the first-ever registered tile fixer member.

Speaking about the Lifetime Achievement Award, Billy Valler says: “I am very flattered to have been chosen for this award. It means an enormous amount to me, and I accept it on behalf of my team. So I am delighted that Matthew Sinkinson of W.B. Simpson & Sons (Midland) Ltd also won the Trainee Tile Fixer of the Year Award and that we won the Award for Best Commercial Project (Small) for 1-2 Babmaes Street.”

“A highlight for me was the charity auction which was held on the night. This created a real sense of community in the room. I also valued the fact that a high profile was given to issues of sustainability throughout the event. I think this is really important.”

“I think one of the impressive things about this year’s event was that it clearly showed how TTA represents the whole industry, with an excellent balance between suppliers and installers present during the evening.”

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