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FILA has launched a series of spring/summer promotions, with a focus on ceramic care, grout treatment and stone enhancement. The promotions will include special discounts for multiple purchases, complimentary displays and voucher incentive programmes.

During May, FILA KITCERAMICA will be offered at a special discount for multiple purchases, along with a complimentary podium display and voucher incentive programme. Contained within a sturdy recyclable carry box, the new kit provides a complete maintenance solution for ceramic and porcelain tiles. It contains best-selling DETERDEK for the initial clean, FUGAPROOF grout protector – with new spray pump applicator – and FILA Cleaner for ongoing maintenance.

Throughout June, the promotion will focus on grout treatment. Multiple purchases of DETERDEK, along with FUGAPROOF and grout cleaner FUGANET, will qualify for discount, complimentary point-of-sale materials and a further voucher incentive programme.

The first summer promotion, in July, will then centre on three best-selling stone treatments from FILA’s protection range: wet-look protectors FILAPT10 and FILAWET and colour-enhancing FILASTONE PLUS – with further discounts and complimentary point-of-sale displays.

Additional FILA promotions are also planned for late summer and autumn. To find out more, contact FILA UK on tel. 01584 877286, email or visit

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