The growing popularity of outdoor living spaces – and of seamless floor finishes – has created new challenges for the tiling sector. In response, LTP has developed four new treatments to help maintain the appearance and safety of natural and engineered stone surfaces. All of the solutions are made in the UK.

New to the range this spring, LTP’s Black Spot & Algae Remover restores appearance to natural stone, concrete, brick and porcelain, making it ideal for deep cleaning new and existing paths, patios and driveways.  The fizzing formula targets organic residues, including black spot, lichen, moss, algae and other stains caused by damp and slippery leaf matter. It breaks down residue and its bleaching action removes stains. 

For new porcelain pavers, the range now includes LTP’s Porcelain Tile Protector – a water-based ‘pre-and-post-grout’ treatment. Creating a barrier – without forming a film or altering appearance – the Protector helps to improve and increase the working time of grouts and jointing compounds. It also greatly reduces the risk of cement and resin staining. A further coat after installation makes ongoing maintenance easier too, protecting the surface from decaying leaves and foliage.

For existing pavers, LTP’s range includes new Blackstone – a restorer and protector for faded surfaces – and a new acid-replacement trouble-shooter, LTP’s Grout & Salt Residue Remover. Blackstone can be used on all types of natural and artificial stone, restoring colour from dark grey to ebony. Meanwhile, the Remover tackles building residues and disperses rising salt residues caused by substrate moisture and spot fixing. It can be used on all tile and natural stone surfaces, except those with a polished finish.  

Other intensive cleaners for hard landscaping include LTP’s Rust Stain Remover and Solvex stripper, which is designed to remove wax, silicone, acrylic, polyurethane sealers and residual epoxy grout. Both of these treatments are non-caustic, offering safe treatment on all pavers.

For information on the new treatments and LTP regimes, visit, tel. 01823 666213 or email

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