JACKON is involved in a high profile campaign of support for The Bee Centre. The campaign makes explicit the link between its products and the environment. The beehives that it is donating are manufactured by JACKON from the company’s own polystyrene bead. They will last a lifetime and provide better insulation than timber alternatives in the winter.

The protection of the environment is integral to JACKON, the leading manufacturer of XPS and EPS solutions for the construction of low energy buildings. JACKON makes a positive statement that plastics when used as long-term construction materials can greatly reduce the need for heating energy and can therefore make a positive contribution to tackling the climate crisis. JACKON also takes a positive role in the European plastics industry, with involvement in various industry initiatives.

The campaign started with the donation of 200 beehives to the Centre. With a retail value, including all accessories, of up to £250 each, the beehives are to be used in starter kits for school environmental projects. The programme will enable engagement with more than 100 schools, reaching thousands of people. The aim is to communicate the importance of protecting our pollinating bees, which is one of the major environmental challenges of our time.

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