2019 saw Tile Choice undergo natural development by increasing the available information in certain areas of the company’s website, to ensure the end-user the best possible navigation experiences and in-depth advice where required.

With all the above elements in place, they have seen a huge increase in sales, with new customers and also an improved click-through rate in analytics on returning customers. They have also gained more 5 star reviews than in any other year.

The roadmap starts with the company mission, which is to inspire people with the sole purpose for them to purchase easily online, gain in-depth knowledge of the products they may be purchasing, the guidance to navigate around the website, with the ability to filter through products and narrow down their search, with the aim of not leaving the customer frustrated with unnecessary time spent searching on the website. Narrowing down the wasted time spent online is very important making it more proactive and worthy for the customer so that they will return again and again to the site and they will refer their website to family and friends as a trustworthy supplier of tiles and accessories. 

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