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Mapei has extended its UltraCare range with the introduction of eight new products dedicated to floor, tile and surface protection. The new treatments join nine existing UltraCare cleaning products, launched in the UK last October.

Aimed at both professionals and DIY enthusiasts, Mapei’s UltraCare cleaners and protectors represent an innovative, versatile and reliable system that simplifies application, whilst guaranteeing durability for every type of surface.

“With the launch of these eight new surface protection products, we now offer a complete range of tile care and maintenance products to complement the Mapei system. The Mapei offer will represent the only one that helps professionals and end users from installation right up to the protection and maintenance of surfaces in private, commercial and industrial settings,” commented UltraCare Category Manager, Lisa Breakspear.

The new protectors, formulated in the Mapei Research Laboratories, guarantee high performance and meet a variety of specific requirements: from colour enhancing and providing water and oil-repellent protection for surfaces including natural and artificial stone, cement, terrazzo, to the protection of tiles prior to grouting and of polished porcelain tiles with cementitious grout joints.

The new UltraCare treatments provide a safe and easy-to-use solution for the most diverse sites, from new installations, to the protection and maintenance of existing surfaces in the most varied commercial and residential settings. Supplied ready to use, UltraCare protectors do not need to be diluted when applied on dry or slightly damp (depending on the type of product) and clean materials; they can be applied with a brush, cloth or fleece applicator.

The new products joining the UltraCare line include:

UltraCare Intensifier W: water-based, high penetration colour enhancer and protector.

UltraCare Intensifier S: solvent-based, high penetration colour enhancer and protector.

UltraCare Stain Protector W: water-based impregnator providing protection and anti-stain properties, with a natural effect for unpolished surfaces.

UltraCare Stain Protector S: solvent-based impregnator providing protection and anti-stain properties, with a natural effect.

UltraCare Stain Protector W Plus: water-based impregnator providing protection and anti-stain properties, suitable for use on all finishes of natural stone, terrazzo, agglomerates, brick, terracotta and polished porcelain.

UltraCare Grout Release: water-based product for application on porous material to protect against grout ingress and staining.  Also, for use on textured porcelain to make cleaning after grouting quick and easy.

UltraCare Grout Protector: water-based impregnator for use on cementitious grouts.

UltraCare Fuga Fresca Grout Refresh: easy to use grout refresher to rejuvenate the colour of cementitious grout joints in floors and walls.

For expert advice on cleaning regimes and more information about the Mapei UltraCare range, contact: technical-uk@mapei.co.uk

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