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Italian brand Marazzi, leading international player in the ceramic tiles sector, has opened its first showroom in London, in the heart of Clerkenwell, one of the most renowned design hubs worldwide.

Thanks to this opening, Marazzi aims at further establishing its name among the international architects and interior designers working in the capital, thus enhancing its presence in the UK market.

The black and white entrance, a sort of monumental portal that creates a theatrical space and a new internal facade, gives the visitors a unique perspective of the main ground floor. Stepped volumes resemble fragments of pyramids rising in the corners of the rooms towards the ceiling enable the presentation of ceramic materials in an innovative way. Each pyramid step is made of different porcelain stonewares: a concrete look, a marble look and a stone look tied together with an overarching palette.

The first floor is a flexible working area, a bright open space in between an artist’s atelier and an architectural studio where a seemingly endless “snake-shaped” table twists and turns in the room creating corner spaces suitable for individual as well as team work. Ceramic moodboards run along the original fair faced brickwork wall giving an appealing overview of ceramic tile collections.

The new showroom over three floors is the perfect example of Marazzi’s uniqueness and unfailing flair for research and experimentation. Featuring brand new collections, the bright and elegant space gives visitors an insight into the top quality materials and cutting-edge creativity of the brand.

The Marazzi showroom was designed by Italian architects Lorenzo Baldini and Antonio Pisano, founders and directors of London-based design firm Marcel Mauer Architects. Both professionals boast a long-term experience in urban design, urban and residential regeneration, with a special focus on sustainable design, which is one of Marazzi’s strengths.

The company has always been a pioneer in meeting sustainability criteria, helping to make the manufacture of ceramic tile a closed-cycle production operation, limiting consumption of natural resources and environmental impact, thanks to quarry restoration and the introduction of controlled waste management, as well as the optimisation of energy consumption and the recycling of industrial waste water. All Marazzi products are, in fact, eco-sustainable.

On the occasion of the new opening in London, Mauro Vandini, Marazzi’s chief executive, comments: “We are very proud of this new opening in the most iconic and artistic district of Clerkenwell. This new showroom needs to be not only a showcase for our products but also a creative networking hub for retailers, clients, architects and designers from all over the world. We aim to offer avant-garde creativity and inspiration to all those international professionals who will be visiting the showroom from today onwards.”

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