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Norcros Adhesives has cemented its reputation as the leading environmental manufacturer in our industry. It has for the second year running won the TTA Award for Best Environmental Initiative.

This comes following a year in which the company has broadened its efforts to eliminate negative environmental impacts of its business. During 2016 the company launched its eco-friendly Norcros Pro Ply Tile Backer Board. The key environmental benefit of this product is that very little CO2 is emitted during its manufacture. It also does not contain crystalline silica, and so is better for the installer. It is asbestos-free and, containing no cellulose, is resistant to mould growth.

Norcros Adhesives has also joined the Supply Chain Sustainability School and very quickly attained Silver status within the School, indicating a high level of engagement with its activities. The Supply Chain Sustainability School is a programme designed to promote sustainability in construction supply chains. It has more than 14,000 members and it provides free practical support in the form of e-learning modules, tailored self-assessment and action plans, sustainability training and networking. Its creation has been part of The UK Construction Strategy 2025, which sets out clear ambitions for the construction industry – including the emission of 50% less CO2.

These initiatives follow work on environmental improvement goes back to the time of the founding of Norcros Adhesives. Since the company’s earliest days it has been the intention to eliminate waste going to landfill. This zero target was achieved during 2015, the same year in which the company achieved the environmental standard ISO14001 for its work to reduce waste and improve resource efficiency.

Norcros Adhesives has invested large sums of capital in modern, fully-automated manufacturing and packaging plant. This investment has enabled the development of lean manufacturing techniques for the high volume production of polymer modified powder adhesives, grouts and screeds, together with professional, high performance dispersion adhesives.

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