Cembrit, cladding and building board specialist, has launched Unipan, a versatile tile backing board which is suited for internal ‘wet’ applications. Unipan is lightweight, tough and stable, and offers a solid base for tiling through its excellent adhesion properties. The boards are manufactured from a material that is a mix of cement and aggregate, which also contains polystyrene beading to reduce the weight of the board, allowing for easy on-site manoeuvrability and quick, simple installation.

Unipan also features flat, reinforced tapered edges that are specifically designed for a good join, which is critical in wet applications such as bathrooms, en-suites and shower rooms. The taper means the board can be screwed close to the chamfered edges reducing board flexing without spalling and provides a solid foundation for tiles. The surfaces of the board are strengthened with glass fibre mesh for added durability. The boards can be cut with hand tools by scribing and breaking, so there is no requirement for mechanical cutting tools or dust extraction equipment.

Available specially sized for bathrooms and showers, the boards are mechanically fixed to stud or block work. The board does not require priming prior to the application of tile adhesive unless specified by the adhesive manufacturer, making for a user-friendly application. Resistant to moisture and mould growth, Unipan has been tested to ASTM G21 indicating no mould growth, scoring a maximum 10, the highest level of performance for mould resistance under the ASTM D 3273 test. Unipan has been tested to the dedicated fire resistance standard EN 13501-1 and is classified to A1, S1-d0. The board has also been tested in accordance with BS 476 parts 6 & 7 class 0, thereby guaranteeing high fire resistance.

For further information visit, email or tel: +44 (0) 208 320 1184.

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