Tilemaster Adhesives has introduced a new damp-proof membrane to its surface preparation range. New FAST One Coat DPM is a solvent-free, epoxy-based product that cures in just 4-5 hours. The two-component system can be used on surfaces with a relative humidity of up to 98% and can be installed where no structural DPM is present.

FAST One Coat DPM is suitable for a wide range of substrates, including concrete, sand/cement, anhydrite/calcium sulphate screeds and over underfloor heating systems. During mixing, the tin’s bottom section is unclasped and poured into the larger top section for ease of use. One coat is then poured and applied with a trowel or roller. Once dry, the smooth, glossy surface provides effective resistance to water, grease, oil, dilute mineral and organic acids. Smoothing compounds can be applied after 4-5 hours drying time. If a structural DPM is ineffective or not present, an additional coat is applied.

Rough or uneven substrates can be pre-smoothed with new Tilemaster Super Flow 30. The ultra-rapid setting, two-part self-leveller provides a top surface finish that can be walked on within 30 minutes. FAST One Coat DPM can be applied 90 minutes after applying Super Flow 30, therefore complementing the speed and ease benefits of FAST One Coat DPM for a game changing installation.

To find out more, contact Tilemaster Adhesives on tel. 01772 456831, email or visit

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